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LESSONS FOR SUCCESS with Caitlin Lynch


Caitlin teaches students as young as 5 years old all the way up to 80+ years old! (Check out the recent "Vibrant Violins" segment with Soni Diamond on 27 News.  It's never too late to start learning a musical instrument! Or maybe you played growing up and want to get back into it? Contact Caitlin!

She teaches 30 and 60 minutes weekly time slots. 

Caitlin Lynch began her violin studies at a young age and later graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree. She started with the Suzuki method and later the traditional method. A few of Caitlin's teachers included Carl Iba, Peter Sirotin, Odin Rathnam, Kurt Nikkanen, and Sally Thomas. Caitlin teaches both Suzuki and Traditional depending on the student's age and preference. However, reading music is always taught at some point as Caitlin believes it is a really important part of music! Caitlin enjoys many genres of music and has played many different kinds of music in many venues around the world. It's not uncommon to find a break out jam session at the fiddle shop or to hear some of her students fiddling and/or playing a concerto, or both!  


Private Lessons are so important when learning an instrument. Caitlin can really help you advance your overall skills as well as keep the student interested. Caitlin and Hershey Violins have regular performance opportunities to work on the performance aspect of music too. Caitlin also helps students prepare for auditions. She has students in Hershey Symphony Festival Strings, York Youth Symphony, Harrisburg Youth Symphony, various music festivals and camps, etc. Caitlin also enjoys having some group ensembles get together to practice playing in a group setting. Hershey Violins hosted a Summer String Quartet experience for Caitlin and Joanna Robert's students. 

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